What is the difference between Basic Access Guarantee and Extended Access Guarantee?

Basic Access Guarantee is included with most orders by default, free of charge. It allows you to re-download software and view product keys for 31 days after you order the software.

Extended Access Guarantee allows you to re-download software and view product keys for 24 months after you order the software. It can be ordered for a small fee.


  • Under certain circumstances, the Extended Access Guarantee may be included in your order free of charge in place of the Basic Access Guarantee. Check your Order Receipt if you are unsure what kind of Access Guarantee applies to an order you placed.
  • The Access Guarantee option provides access only to the download link(s) and key(s). It does not mean that you will be able to download and install the software an unlimited number of times using the same key.
  • The Access Guarantee option does not extend the duration of your license. If you purchased a six- or twelve-month rental or trial software, your license will still expire in the expected timeframe.
  • Some software can be installed on a limited number of machines (e.g. operating systems). Access Guarantee does not cancel out that limitation.
  • The Access Guarantee option is not available on all WebStores.
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